After three incredible days on one of the worlds largest sand islands, with 75 miles of beach and thousands of natural lakes, I’m back on real land and am ready to share my pictures and stories of the beautiful Fraser Island.

Day One
At 7.45am our bus pulled up at the bus station and we were ready to start our journey to Fraser Island. We’d been chatting to two english girls at the station who we got on so well with and who we’re doing the same tour as us, so we were already excited about what lay ahead. Unfortunately we were in foul moods because the weather was horrendous, grey clouds filled the sky and it wasn’t even warm. If the weather carried on like this is would definitely ruin the trip and so I kept my fingers crossed the whole bus journey that the sun would eventually break through! After being treated to morning tea at one of the resorts, our first stop on Fraser Island was Lake Mckenzie and it was here that we met up with our tour group. After swimming in the clear fresh waters of the lake and cleaning our jewellery with the sand (it actually made it so shiny and got rid of all the scratches!) we had our first lunch by the lake.

Our next stop after some scenic walks through the jungle was to Basin Lake, a perched lake filled with fresh water and animals so sensitive to chemical change that people are banned from swimming in it – but we can still marvel at it’s beauty!

The clouds half cleared, the sun came out and we had an afternoon cookie break before doing some more walks and then off road driving down the 75 mile beaches. The whole of Fraser Island is sand and so the roads are bumpy and jolty and being on the bus while driving through the forests is like being on a roller coaster! However right next to the sea the sand is flat and the trucks all race down the open beaches. After an evening at the Dingo Bar with our new friends and a night in Kingfisher Bay resort, we were ready for day 2.

Day two
Our first stop of day two was a 40 minute drive up to the Champagne pools, natural rock pools formed right on the beach edge. There were three of them, all waist deep with beautifully clear water. Next we drove to Indian head to see the pinnacles coloured sand before hoping on board a small 8 person plane to enjoy a scenic flight over the island. It was incredible! It’s breathtaking looking down onto the sand island from above and seeing all the lakes and beaches, we also flew low over the sea to look for sea life.



The flight ended right next to the Maheno shipwreck, an actual ship that has been washed up on the shores of Fraser Island!

Then we enjoyed the beautiful beach before lunch.



The afternoon of day 2 was taken up by a walk to the top of the Indian Head cliffs in order to enjoy the view all the way down the beach.


On the way back to the resort we were in charge of the music and soon the whole bus was singing at the top of their lungs the whole way home. That evening we made the most of the resorts facilities by going in the hot tub and then had an even bigger night at the Dingo Bar, meaning we were not so ready for day three.

Day three
This morning we all overslept, meaning we had about fifteen minutes to pack, get ready, have breakfast, check out and get to the bus. Luckily or bus driver was running late so we had a relaxed breakfast and set off on the ridiculously bumpy sand roads of Fraser Island, nursing hang overs. We spent the most part of the morning at Lake Birrabeen, relaxing in the clear waters.

After a massive buffet lunch, we walked a 45 minute hike through the sands and the rainforest before arriving at the Sandblows. These are the most incredible golden sand dunes which lead down to a crystal clear lake with tiny fish that nibble at your toes!

It was the perfect destination to end our three day tour of Fraser Island. We all fell asleep in the deep sand of the dunes right on the waters edge underneath the sun and it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I’m so sad to have to leave an incredible island, it was a great experience with breathtaking stops along the way and we met some amazing people.
Bring on the next adventure!

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