Exploring on our own

After having basically our own private tour guide yesterday, Juliet and I decided to try and navigate our way around the city on our own today. We took a few wrong turns here and there, ended up on the wrong tube line at one point but all in all it was a successful day. We started early and headed straight to the Santa Lucia statue of the Virgin Mary, which is situated on top of the Santa Christobel hill. We took a cable car up the to the very top and here we could enjoy the 360degree view of the Chilean mountains and the Santiago hills.





Once we’d returned to ground level, we (after a few attempts) found our way back to the market from yesterday so that Juliet could get some last minute winter wooly gear, I actually did end up buying some alpaca wool socks, and then we headed to the beautiful Tobalaba again for lunch.
Apparently there are snow storms in the Salt Flats and as the only warm clothes that Juliet and I have are a pair of thermals, a jumper and our new wooly clothes, we decided coats would be very necessary. We went to Costanera, a huge shopping center that is situated in the tallest building in South America, and Julie bought a big puffa coat and I bought a fleece lined waterproof – so now we are all set to face any cold weather that comes our way!

This guys whose house we’re staying in, decided to attempt to make the Peruvian speciality: Ceviche. This is basically raw fish with lots of garnish such as tomatoes and onions and then lime juice, which the fish basically cooks in if it’s left (I’ve described this really grossly, it’s actually not that bad). It was actually surprisingly not disgusting, we could even say it tasted nice, so Juliet and I will definitely be trying the real version in Peru!

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