Discovering Santiago

This morning after an amaaaaazingly long sleep we shot out of bed… It was 12pm and we decided it would be slightly embarrassing if the people we’re staying with came back from work on their lunch break and we were still in bed…
We’d planned, with one of the girls that we’d met the night before, to meet for lunch and so we made our way to Roger de Flor at Tobalaba. The lunch was actually with a big group of people meaning that we met even more year abroad students and the restaurant was in the typical Chilean style that you pay a set price for a three course meal and a drink. Our set price happened to be 4000 Chilean pesos (about £4.50) for tomato soup, chicken escalope, caramel flan and a diet coke. Obviously it wasn’t Michelin star food but it was pretty good for the price! After this, the girl who we’d planned to meet, Katie, took us to Almeda del Libertador (basically the very center of Santiago) and here we went to a Chilean market. The market was quite small and so cute, selling clothes, jewellery, bags and fresh fruit and everything else possible that can be made out of alpaca wool, table clothes, table runners, scarves, gloves, hats, you name it.
As Juliet and I have recently discovered that the Salt Flats and the Atacama Desert are absolutely FREEZING (we’re talking current snow storms) we decided that wooly jumpers are a must and so purchased some warm clothes of our own from the market, and the cute market lady (who apparently is friends with Katie) gave us some gloves for free!
These are my purchase.. (All alpaca wool)




We then went to a very famous ice cream shop in las calles which is in the top twenty five in the world (as it tells us on the sign).

After going back to Katie’s house and raiding the clothes she’s planning on leaving behind for more warm clothes for our travels, we went back to the flat with everyone for hundreds and hundreds of pieces of sushi – all delivered to the door! In Chile apparently they can have everything delivered, even things like macdonalds!
After being stuffed full of sushi and saying our goodbyes to everyone, I enjoyed the view of the city strip from the apartment balcony, before collapsing into bed once again.



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