Boating, banana bar and Bacardi breezer

This morning we had the biggest lie in that I’ve had since being in Thailand! At around 11.30 we finally got out of bed and decided to skip breakfast, get ready and head straight to lunch.
We headed to Banana Sombrero bar as the night before we’d seen the Mexican menu and had decided we definitely needed to eat fajitas before we left phi phi! For desert we had the craziest ice cream ever, you pick your flavour of ice cream and two toppings and they pour the liquid ice cream into a frozen base and mash it up with the toppings (I had vanilla with m&ms and Oreos) and once it’s all mashed they roll it into pancake rolls and add your sauce of choice!





After our ginormous lunch we went off on a Phi Phi Sunset Cruise boat tour. Our first destination on the cruise was monkey island, we took a speed boat to the island and once we were off we could see how crowded the beach was with not only monkeys but tourists and loads of litter that people had left when trying to feed the them! The worst of which was water bottles as people give (or try to feed) the monkeys water from their water bottles but obviously when they’re empty they leave them there. Anyways, Juliet and I were not impressed by the monkeys, in actual fact we were very scared of them after seeing them attack a girls leg by clinging onto it and refusing to let go, while hissing violently at her. That’s why my photos are a bit blurry as we spent most of the time running away from them, scared of their anger and also scared by the fact we haven’t had all of our rabies jabs!




Next en route was a cave that has forbidden entry to anyone who isn’t the national park conservatives or the tribes who live inside. Apparently there are tribes who live in the cave and make money out of selling the swallows nest from inside of the cave as swallows nests (yes the actual nest) are a delicacy for desert for the Thais.
The cave is also famous for it’s incredible cave drawings inside, but ofcourse we didn’t see these as we’re not allowed past the initial ladders and ropes.




Next on our trip was snorkeling and kayaking and ofcourse being the adventurous girls we are, we chose kayaking and after about half an hour to forty five mins of kayaking in the wrong direction and going round in circles, we finally made it to the glowing lagoon with crystal clear blue waters in the sun. Safe to say we did not want to kayak all the way back and so we attached our canoe to a visiting long tail boat and let him pull us back as far as we wanted to go!





After this we headed to Ma Ya beach, the destination and home to the setting of the Leonardo Dicaprio film,
The Beach. It is a gorgeous beach voted one of the most beautiful in the world.



After a fab afternoon cruising round Phi Phi, the boat crew made us some fried rice and we all sat on the boat and ate it while we watched the sun set behind the ocean. As a last memory for the boat trip we held hands and jumped right off the top of it – (this is surprisingly exhilarating!)




After a night out tonight we’re off to Koh Lanta in the morning! Apparently it’s very chilled and even more beautiful… Well we’ll see won’t we! Nevertheless I’m so excited to chill, sunbathe, relax and just be really calm before flying to Sydney at the end of the week.