Pizza, pictures and paradise in PHI PHI

On waking up this morning, we looked through pictures and talked about the pervious night. It’s fun when there’s three, the dynamics change and we definitely found things a lot funnier seeing three different sides to a story.
Yesterday afternoon we’d found a nice spot on the beach on some comfy green sun loungers and relaxed. Later on that evening we went into town to have an explore, buy a drink and lots of water and grab a bite to eat.
After coming back to the hotel we all got ready to go out (we have a hair dryer at last!! Thanks normy) and at nine because of our fab room with a view, we watched the famous fire show from our window. Unfortunately my shampoo had decided to explore again on the way here, but thankfully I learnt my lesson and it was inside a plastic bag this time and so my clothes are not stained herbal essences blue again. (Note to travellers, do not buy herbal essences, it has a habit of exploding…)
In town we met up with our Canadian friends and had a fun night drinking strawberry daiquiri buckets, dancing in the Irish bar, catching up in dojos and then ending up at he dance clubs on the beach. After a great night out we were all exhausted and starving and so we bought some street pizza (best pizza ever) and headed back to our one double bed to sleep, or try seeing as there is three of us.

This morning I woke up upside down in the bed, I think because it meant I had a lot more room in the bed and was so thankful for the water we’d bought the night before (great idea for future travelers/partygoers). After a yummy breakfast of fresh fruit, yoghurt and muesli, we found our same green loungers and have spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. It was amazing waking up this morning as the tide was all the way back and so all the long boats were resting on shore, not floating! And then gradually as the day has gone on, they’ve each one by one come afloat again.




^^^ The two pictures of the beach are taken from the same spot!!

Off to browse the shops and markets in town now as we all feel we’ve had enough sun. As of my feelings on Koh Phi Phi – so far I like it!