What to do when there’s nothing to do in a hostel

Since travelling there have been a lot of days, like yesterday where we literally have nothing to do, and so to stop ourselves from going crazy, you have to make something to do!

First up, and obviously mine and Juliet’s favourite thing to do when there’s nothing to do, is sunbathing! But unfortunately the weather isn’t always going to be nice, and right now in Cairns it’s actually pretty awful so the idea of sunbathing is off the table.

Second there’s playing cards, another one of our favourites. Especially the game Spies and Malice which involves two packs of cards and Juliet and I get very competitive!

Next, catching up with writing journals, postcards, letters home etc. When you’re travelling you don’t actually have that much time to yourself just to write a postcard or a quick message in your journal about what you’ve been up to, so lazy days are best for this!

Fourthly, and what we spent most of yesterday doing, you can catch up on tv series. This only works if you’re staying in a hostel with good wifi but if you download your favourite tv program from home, that you’ve been missing, you can all sit in the dorm and watch it around an iPad or laptop.

Another one of my favourites is, do a wash. We actually did this yesterday aswell, when you’re busy you don’t think about how gross all your clothes are cooped up in that backpack, but after doing a massive wash and tumble dry for 4dollars, I always realise just how nice it is to have clean clothes.

On the same sort of topic, it’s also a nice feeling to completely unpack and re fold all your clothes before packing again, it’s a sort if like tidying the mind and it makes it SO much easier to find clothes!

Lastly, the most common and most done thing by a backpacker when there’s nothing to do is: sleep. When travelling you never really get a good nights sleep, what with other people in the dorms, snorers, people checking in and out, people moving around, so a nice, long lie in (basically sleeping all day) can do wonders!