Welcome to Bangkok

After what seemed to be a very quick flight from Dubai to Bangkok (as we were sleeping) we arrived in Bangkok… Finally!! We went through a very slow customs line to find our brand new backpacks on the conveyer belt, waiting to be worn. After backpacking-up (big one on the back, small on the front) we lugged ourselves and our luggage to the taxi rank.
We were definitely scammed on our first taxi ride into the city – 500thai baht and he covered the metre with a cloth, even though there were signs everywhere stating to pay via metre! Although it seemed like a lot, the journey was quite lengthy and he took us and our backpacks safely to our destination.
After walking down Koh San road, the backpacker haven of Bangkok, we found a hostel that we’d heard of and booked for two nights. After a very happy change out of our black jeans and hoodies, into shorts and tee shirts more appropriate for the 30degree heat, we headed out to explore the markets.
Quickly putting our bartering skills to good use we managed to buy some sunglasses and baggy cotton trousers at very discounted prices! (Two happy girls right here).

Then after ignoring about a dozen tuck tuck drivers shouting at us to go with them, we got drawn in by one very excitable man, promising to take us to three temples, swearing that we could only go today as tomorrow there are riots planned. Two of the three temples turned out to be blocked anyway because of the riots, so after exploring the golden mount temple, a beautiful temple on a hill surrounded by greenery and rivers, we headed to the travel agents to book the next part of our adventure.

We’ve made the decision to leave Bangkok tomorrow, even though we paid a whopping £7 for tomorrow nights room, as a lot of what we would want to do here is unavailable to us due to the riots. We heard that a lot of Thailand are heading up to ChangMai just like us, as there is a flower festival there at the moment and so going to the travel agents was a good move since we now have our trains, ferrys, hotel and jungle treck all booked.
Currently waiting in the travel agents as someone from the train station is driving here on a motorbike to bring us our tickets that we just paid for! Very bizarre!