Travel day to Peru… The last country on our gapyear travels

After finding out, on day two of the Salar de Uyuni tour that the whole of Uyuni had road block and we wouldn’t be able to get there or finish our tour, we discovered the next morning that the riots and road block had moved up in Bolivia and Uyuni was now accessible – obviously when we arrived it was absolutely full of military and police. This morning when we arrived ay Uyuni airport, although there were less, the airport was the same with military and police force throughout. It was a funny check in as well, as the airport used to be solely for military use and then also because it is Bolivia it is not very high tech. There was a man checking people in, another one writing out the luggage tags by hand and another one who brought out some scales (meant for personal use) that we could put our suitcases on to weigh them. We then had to pay tax as it wasn’t included in the ticket price, before getting on a 25minute long flight to La Paz. Here this airport was filled even higher to the brim by patrolling police force in camo clothing who marched backwards and forwards through the center of the airport. One even came over while I was on FaceTime to my mum, to see what I was doing and ended up saying hi himself!
As we had hours and hours to kill in the airport, we looked back through our salt flats photos, remembering when our tour guide said that he has lots of ideas for salt flats photos, he said he’s been doing this for four years and although he’s not a professional photographer, he is an expert!
He also said chicas (girls) every other word in every single sentence of his – something I found hilarious.

vamos chicas, que tal chicas, chicas chicas estamos llegando chicas

Our flight to Lima was a little more western than the previous one, as this time we actually got drinks, a sandwich… AND there was duty free. (Oh we do travel in style!) On arriving in Peru’s capital city we were greeted by flashing lights on billboards, huge posters with pictures of red phone boxes telling everyone to go to London, football scores left, right and center, AND a man holding up a sign with my name on it (at least we assumed it was me), ready to take us to the hostel.


There’s been a mix up with our bookings and so Juliet and I have ended up with our own room and we’re just about to do some indoor exercises to help prepare us for the inca trail… (If even by the teeniest fraction).

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