The waiting game

After being told numerous times that we had to be at the Ayers Rock airport two hours before our domestic flight, we arrived in good time to find the smallest airport on the planet. The departure area was one smallish room with a coffee shop… AND THAT WAS IT. And thanks to good old advice, we had two hours to kill here.
Thankfully Juliet and I are pros at killing time, playing cards, wandering round the small room and eventually it was time to get on the plane.
We said good bye to the big old rock…

And to the millions of flies, just as one landed on Nicole’s nose…

We then had a four hour flight which actually only took just over three hours and the whole plane was very happy to hear the news of our early arrival. (Juliet and I were more excited about the fact that we had five dollar vouchers to spend on plane food thanks to sta travel)
The nice couple that we stayed with at the beginning of our trip, Rachel and Fred, picked us up from the airport, welcoming Nicole to their busy home, and had roast lamb and rhubarb cake cooking when we arrived at their house. A nice home cooked meal was exactly what we wanted!

Tomorrow morning Juliet and I have a flight to Santiago. It leaves at 9.30am Sydney time and lands at 11.30am Santiago time on the same day, but we’re flying for 16hours. Basically this means that when we get on the flight at 9.30am it’s actually the evening in Santiago, so Juliet and I figured we should stay up all night then sleep as soon as we get on the plane and we will sleep straight through jetlag as we will be sleeping at Santiago night time. Our plan was going so well, waiting up, right until I nearly fell asleep so we swiftly moved rooms, changed environment and kept busy sorting through photos and reading up about Chile.
It’s now 2am and after all our waiting up, we’ve found out that actually we’re stopping off in New Zealand on the way to Santiago. Obviously if this is true, it’s going to interrupt mine and Juliet’s sleep (the one we were going to have through the Santiago night time). So basically our whole plan is ruined as we won’t have an uninterrupted sleep and we’ll be half jetlagged.
With three hours before we have to get up, Juliet and I have decided it’s sleep time (or nap time…) and are going to get a few hours sleep in before the flight, to make up for lost sleep while we stop in New Zealand!
Night night.

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