The mad rush

With my leaving date rapidly approaching (two days time ohmygod) there is so much to do.

Goodbyes, packing, last minute organising, film downloads, book downloads, jabs, medication to buy, toiletries to buy! My travel bank card still hasn’t arrived and the bank doesn’t yet know that i’m off. I need my iphone, a travel phone and a fake phone to give if someone tries to mug me… Then, a big wallet, a small wallet and a fake wallet for the same purpose… I need to pack clothes for 30 degree Thailand and thermals for the minus ten degree nights in Bolivia, bikinis, jumpers, towels, underwear, shorts, teeshirts, jeans, trainers, flipflops, waterproofs.


I also honestly have toiletries and medication coming out of my ears… shampoo, conditioner, the BIGGEST can of dry shampoo you’ve ever seen (can’t live without it), face wash, body wash, suncream, more suncream, face suncream, p20, p10, aftersun, travel wash, nurofen, tablets to stop you diarrheaing (I know.. So nice), tablets to rehydrate you if you get diarrhea, tablets to make you go to the loo (even nicer),  antibiotics, antibiotic cream, disinfectant, MOSQUITO SPRAY TO COVER A NATION, bandages, plasters and lots more.


My 5 month backpack will also be filled with A LOT of cool gadgets that everyone should be very jealous of. I’ve got… a wind up torch, a portable washing line, a tool kit, a universal adapter, a universal plug (yes i will be able to fill up EVERY sink), a pop up mug, soap that cleans food, clothes, hair and bodies! AND even a portable mini kite. I honestly have the works, everything you can think of and more.

But am I sorted? Not even close. Now I need to fit this mumble jumble array of items into ONE sixty litre backpack AND have it weigh less than twenty kilograms.

Challenge accepted.

I will update you tomorrow on whether my plan fails massively or not.