THE GOOD and the bad OF SKIING

It’s day 2 and so far in the last two days I have experienced the good and the bad of skiing.

Yesterday was cloudy and icy and some of the slopes were so foggy that I couldn’t even see the people in front of me! Probably didn’t help that I wasn’t wearing my glasses..

But today (thank god) was clear, due to a cold wind which blew the fog away. This wind also blew fresh snow from the top of the mountains onto the slopes making great skiing conditions, made more perfect by the sun breaking through into a blue ski in the early afternoon.

Another amazing thing about whistler is the vast slopes which have… No one else on them! I’m actually shocked at the end of the day when the slopes have other people on them as everyone is skiing down to base. Where did these people come from? I’ve had the mountain to myself all day…

It also has some fab hot chocolate stops!


A great day skiing with some beautiful pictures to match! And now off to the hot tub (which is right next to the slopes) to relax. Mmmmmm heaven!



P.S. Brought my new skis yesterday which I adore! Very happy skier right here (especially since freshly waxed skis meant I’ve been faster than the men!)


Stay tuned for more skiing-whistler updates! Comments are very appreciated, thanks guys!

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