Scuba day 1

This morning after probably one of the worry sleeps of my life (a very big thanks to the Japanese guy who thinks it’s okay to hang wet clothes around his bed making the whole dorm damp, even wet, creating the grosses conditions to sleep) Juliet and I woke up very stressed. However all was quickly made better by the beautiful view we woke up to!


After switching rooms to our own private one (still free with the scuba course… Result!) and eating a big breakfast, we headed off down the beach to start our scuba diving course! The morning started out with a video session, learning about the dangers of the ocean and the safety precautions and then we met our instructors and split into our small groups of 6 to do some more scuba academics with her. Our instructor is a really cool French lady who moved to Koh Tao ten years ago to be a scuba diving instructor, and hasn’t left since! She absolutely loves the ocean and the island and made us so excited about it simply in our discussion session by sharing her excitement with us!


After a couple of hours lunch break, we headed back to our instructor and to the pool to start our afternoon pool session! We learnt all about the scuba equipment and how to assemble, take it apart and reassemble it. Once we were in the pool we spent about three hours doing different drills and learning about buoyancy and basically getting used to all the equipment. The drills included clearing water from goggles, taking off and putting back on the bc jacket, inflating and deflating the jacket, ascending and descending and what to do if you run out of air (this is why we have a buddy so we can use their air!). It was such a great afternoon and even though we came our looking like prunes and exhausted, we are very excited for tomorrow’s dive in the sea!

This evening we had a very much deserve Italian which was so lovely and then after picking up my newly de-shampooed laundry, we sat by the beach and watched the fire dancers with some drinks and a few friends from Coral Bungalows.
What a fab day!