Ropes, bridges and whatnots

Today held another unforgettable experience while in whistler and another item on our to do list that we could cross off… We went BUNGEE JUMPING!
At midday 14 of us met at the Whistler Bungee hut, filled in wavers (signing our life away) and loaded the bus ready to travel to the bungee bridge.
Once we loaded the bridge and we’re harnessed off we took it in turns to jump off and plummet straight down towards the water before being jammed back up and then plummeting down once more.
The men decided that I should fall backwards with my head back as they said I seemed confident and this was the most exiting way to fall (die). Feeling quite confident I boarded the platform but then made the mistake of looking down. Once the man had counted down three, two, one, I grabbed him and swore I couldn’t do it. After what seemed like hours (maybe seconds) of begging him to let me not do it or go forward, he stayed firm, shaking his head and counting three, two.. Then I fell back, head back, lying back, everything back, falling down down until shooting back up and then falling back down again.
Obviously this doesn’t seem possible with a harness attached to your legs but we all decided on the body harness so that the boys could try out their snowboarding tricks.
There were three highlights (obviously from the three boarders).
The first ran and dived off the platform with his arms out flying but plummeting down.
The second stood backwards and then back flipped off the platform.
And the last did the most technically hilarious flip imaginable. He jumped up forwards but kicking his legs up did a backflip, and unfortunately the bungee chord got caught between his legs. After falling when the rope became tight, the chord pulled from between his legs making him flip forward so so so quickly!!
All captured on video and camera for all to see!
An amazing experience, an incredible day and the photos will be up soon.