After a lovely nights sleep (in our double beds in our own room!!!) Juliet and I spent the entire morning watching tv episodes on YouTube and snoozing, something we’ve been wanting to do for ages… Absolutely nothing (it’s also something we’re getting very good at).
At lunch time we headed into the town to explore and sort out everything for our next few days of adventure. We first decided to check up on our reservations for our inca express bus to Cusco on the 28th. It was quite a stressful meeting as we soon discovered that we were not actually booked in (even though we paid and booked previously) and that the agency that we booked with might be fake… And they had our passport details as well as our money. The tour lady from the inca express office was nice and friendly and eager to help us. She started ringing up and told us to come back later, as well as assuring us we’d have a place on the bus. Newly stressed and worried about the prospect that we could have paid and given out personal information to a fake company, we headed to the offices of Edgar Adventures (our tour company for tomorrow) hoping that we’d have a better experience checking up on our reservations there. Thankfully they had our reservation and were ready for us to tour the lake tomorrow. With our names saved, they gave us all the information we needed about the tour tomorrow (thank god) and so we left that agency a lot less stressed! After lunch we headed back to the inca express offices with a confirmation email from our maybe-fake-hopefully-not agency and discovered that they had got hold of them and everything was fine, our payment and reservation transferred to the real inca express company!
With all sorted, we’re both so excited about the tour of Lake Titicaca tomorrow. It’s also so weird to think that everything, for the rest of our time as backpackers, is now organised and waiting for us to experience it!
Time flies…