Our big bus disaster

This morning Julie and I went to finish some shopping and I bought the most Australian shoes ever, that Australians don’t even seem to wear except in their houses: UGGS! (I’m very happy with my purchase as obviously they’re so much cheaper here than in England yipppeee)

After lunch Juliet and I caught the bus to Mount Coot Tha, home of an amazing view point and the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. The botanical gardens here are truly beautiful and we were immediately struck by the gorgeous smell of fresh flowers and trees, all glowing under the bright blue sky!
We first went up to the view point which is directly infront of a clearing in the trees, showing the sky line of Brisbane city centre. 20140416-190931.jpg

Then after lazing around on the wedding lawns, reading our books and listening to music we went to explore the gardens a little bit more, crossing rivers and passing through gardens 20140416-191210.jpg
and found ourselves in a quaint and perfectly pruned Japanese garden.



To get to the Botanical gardens we had got the bus, and when it arrived Juliet realised she didn’t have any cash and so I paid for both our bus tickets, this meant that we both had no cash for the journey home. After we’d finished in the botanical gardens we headed to the garden restaurant in hope of finding an ATM but the restaurant was closed… And so was everything else in that area. Stumped for what to do, we contemplated walking until we found somewhere but I spotted a friendly looking elderly couple so went to them for advice, asking if they knew of an ATM anywhere close or anything we could do. After contemplating trying to get us onto the bus for free and then offering us money only to realise they had no cash either, the couple gave us a lift to a shopping centre close by, that they knew had an ATM and also a bus stop with busses going directly into the city centre. We are such idiots not making sure we both had cash with us but we’re also so lucky to have bumped into the sweetest couple who were kind enough to help us out!
At the next bus stop, when we got on the bus the driver said we could pay when we got off, and when we arrived at our stop he waved us off telling us not to worry, so that was the next kind person we met this afternoon! Our luck seems to be improving!
After a very needed food shop (we’re down to our last piece of lettuce) Julie and I have had an exhausting, if not stressful, afternoon and are ready for the burgers we’ve bought for ourselves for dinner.

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