Jump between turns

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Day 2 of our training began with off piste powder and back country tree runs. We skiied through the racing bike and bob sleigh tracks and fought our way over rocks in order to get to the deepest snow.
After lunch everything became more technical as the instructor stripped our skiing down to basic, making us do wide turns across the slopes while jumping in between each one. While we laughed at how stupid we looked traversing along the slopes, we were actually working on our stance and balance and this was then put into practise as we moved to a mogul slope and skied across in a similar way to our jumping.
Then we all watched as a beginner slowing ploughed past us, skiing across the mountain without moving her body at all. We imitated her for a while, which was funny as people genuinely thought we were beginners, and then we did the same but this time letting our legs lead and our feet face the direction we wanted to ski. Here we were practising pivoting. Then we got lower to the ground keeping our upper body facing down the slope and put our pivoting into practise when carving!
Was bizarre how all the beginner exercises fitted and slotted into different advanced ways of skiing!
After once again relaxing in the hottub our legs are all ready for the day ahead, it’s already snowed 20cm this evening and there’s more forecast for over night, big powder day tomorrow!

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