Hike and Jump

Yesterday we faced the minus 12 temperatures, wrapped up in as many layers as would fit under our ski jackets and headed out to face the snow and to hit some big jumps. After skiing from Rendevous down to the glacier chair lift and travelling up to the glacier, we found our first jump. After side stepping up the cliff and jumping off (hopefully looking like pros) we took the cattrack over to Crystal. Here we found another great jump and after hiking up again and again in order to take the jump lots of times, we realised we’d been jumping and hiking for over two hours and so headed up to the crystal hut for some hot chocolate.

The jumping pictures are on a big photography camera so as soon as I get hold of them I will upload them!

At 4pm my time it was midnight in England which meant… CHARLIE’S 21st BIRTHDAY!!
A big big happy birthday Charlie, missing you lots!!!


After a dinner at El Fernies and an evening dancing at MoeJoes we headed back to mentally prepare for our bungee jump today!!!


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