Friday night – Movie night

Yesterday when our bus pulled up to the bus stop, the head teacher at El Kinder was sitting inside it waving madly at us and then on the journey to the kindergarten she waved down the other two teachers who joined us in the bus. It was strange as this is the first time in two weeks that we’ve been on the same bus as the teachers even though we all come from the same place! As a lot of the student have been ill this week with colds and flu, the mornings lessons was just a chance for all the children to catch up with work that they’d missed and needed to complete. Then it was time for the “Fiesta de Comida!, the food party. That week the children had been sent home with letters to their parents, asking them to prepare one of a list of types of food and yesterday all the children came in with tupperware boxes full of food. As the children have spent the week learning about different regions in Peru and the animals that go with each region, today was the day to learn about the food with each region and to eat it! To be honest Juliet and I couldn’t really work it out as there was rice, sweet potatoes, fried sweet potato, sweet potato chips, normal potatoes with cheese and then fried bananas. It seemed to us that the point that the lesson was making was that Peru likes it’s carbs. Each class took it in turns talking about the food and the youngest class had even dressed up in their costal regions typical clothes!





After a very sweet potato orientated lunch, Juliet and I got the bus back to Cusco and arrived in our quickest time yet! We went to Basilica, obviously, for a drink before walking to the Spanish school. On Monday at the kindergarten we are having a desperdida (goodbye party) as it’s the start of our last week and Horti told us she had some balloons and other party things that could be great for it. We picked up the balloons, a huge packet, after promising we wouldn’t let the children blow them up (huge choking hazard), had a chat with Horti and headed back to… Yes ofcourse, Basilica for a cake a some FaceTime.

As it was Friday evening, Juliet and I decided to treat ourselves and ordered a large Italiana pizza, chicken, peppers and mushroom, took it back to the house and had a twilight movie marathon (so happy about this) before falling asleep.