Flute bowl!

Today was a great last day to our third week of training at WhistlerBlackcomb. After filming three videos showing different types of skiing on different terrain we headed to the video room once again to analyse our skiing. Although it’s not perfect, it’s incredible to see how much each other have improved in the short time we’ve been here. My stance is lower and my center of mass is more balanced and although sometimes my weight is not always on the downhill ski, it’s getting there and I now know lots of different exercises that can help me on my way. Moreover we are now able to pick out in each other and random skiiers on the mountain, which areas or components of their skiing need improvement or are very good.
Towards the end of the day, after skiing mountain bike tracks and gladed tree runs, we had the opportunity to hike up Flute Bowl for lunch. With skis on our back and the sun shining we really did feel like the people in the skiing movies that are on all the time, especially when it got dramatic and one girl fell (although not very dramatic as she got right back up). The hike was very long and despite our instructor saying we could do it in fifteen, it took us a solid twenty minutes. Exhausted and so ready for lunch, reaching the top was amazing and the views were even better.