Celebrations, surfing and sea views


This morning Julie was up so so early, obviously, as it’s her birthday today! The morning started off with her opening her cards and presents, including the secret one from me, and then breakfast and we were off to the beach as Julie had a surf lesson booked. She was so so fab, despite the fact that the waves actually took her out quite a few times, she stood up nearly every single time she caught the waves and got better every time. So proud of my little birthday girl, check back on this blog tomorrow and I’ll add some pictures from my camera, of Juliet surfing, on to it!
After some hard core surfing from Juliet (and some hard core photo taking and sunbathing from me) we headed back to the hostel to get the shuttle to main beach (but mostly because Juliet couldn’t carry the surf board any longer!)
From Main Beach all the way to Sunshine beach there is a two hour nature trail and hike – by now you’ll know that Julie and I are obsessed with these walks, and this one DID NOT let us down!
Every single nook and cranny and opening in the trees gave way to the most beautiful and picturesque views of the beaches, cliffs and the wide open sea… We even passed a nudist beach while on the walk!



Once we’d finally made it back to the hostel we got ready for a celebration dinner for Julie’s birthday at the Coconut Grove restaurant. It was so delicious and Juliet and I probably ate about ten times our body weight in food, there was so much of it and it was all delicious. Now we’re back at the hostel and Juliet’s birthday is coming to an end, but not before some skype chats and a movie night – her choice!
Our time in Noosa is also nearly coming to an end with us leaving tomorrow morning, it’s been a truly beautiful and amazing place – so chilled, friendly, sunny and happy – however we are very excited for the next part of our travels and all the adventures we’ve got in store!

stay tuned.