Blue sky, white sand and a whole lot of wind

Today we woke up and FINALLY it was solid blue sky! The three German guys in our dorm were checking our quite early and so when they got up they woke us up. Although it sounds annoying, this worked in Julie and my favour as it meant we were up ready for the sun! But only after a big food shop first..
We bought all the ingredients for dinners and lots of yummy salads then headed to the beach where we literally spent the whole day, it was beautiful!






The sea here is so different to Thailand, it’s actually refreshing! In Thailand it was completely flat and so warm that sometimes it felt the same temperature as the air. However here there is a tide and actual big waves to surf on, and the water I has an icy chill that cools you down so quickly (especially when you’re hot from sunbathing).
As it got later into the afternoon the wind picked up and soon there was sand being sprayed all over us as we lay on the beach. It was so strong! Even when I shook out my sarong to try and get rid of the sand, the wind blew it right out of my hand and down the beach, and then when I finally had it laid out. it was flapping all over the place. We soon discovered the art was to have a person on each corner and then gradually you put different belongings that have some sort of weight on these corners (flip flops were too light for this powerful wind!) and then you have to lie down on the sarong before it has a chance to move with your bag next to your head to stop sand being blown in your face! Unfortunately it does still spray all over your body… We put up with the wind for a while but soon we were so sandy and the clouds had arrived stopping the beach even being that warm so we called it a day and headed back to the hostel to shower. (It was such a relief coming back and looking in the mirror to see we weren’t burnt – thank god!)
This evening Juliet and I were feeling very British and in need of home comforts, so for dinner we had… beans on toast! And it was goooooood.
We then went to our friend’s hostel to play a few drinking games before heading out to the town to party! Byron Bay is a big party town with some very cool places. Two that we went to were Cheeky Monkeys, a tightly packed bar and night club with huge tables for people to dance on, and then The Railway. As the train line in Byron no longer exists, the railway station has been converted into a bar and has live music playing all evening, so cool!
In comparison to the night before, tonight was very hot and once we’d had enough of the bars we found ourselves on the beach and ran into the sea (like sunbathing… To cool down!) unfortunately we didn’t think about the fact that we’d then have to walk back to our hostel in wet clothes but luckily we got to the shuttle bus just in time. We then had to say our goodbyes to team canada (for real this time, cry cry) and finally made it into bed.