Yesterday was the first day of our AST level 1 avalanche course and we spent it in 10degree heat on the slopes – no better place to be!
First off we were in the roundhouse in groups of 7 with a guide discussion possible routes and snow conditions and what factors might affect our decision when entering the back country. Then we headed out and after a quick ski, reached the place where we were going to spend the day testing out our transceivers, probes and shovels. First we took it in turns hiding a transceiver in a glove under the snow so others could track it down and then we did the same with a back pack but this time digging it out with a probe and shovel, using correct technique for both.
After looking at snow layers in a dug out trench and spending more time looking at mountain conditions, we headed back to the classroom to complete the day there.
We spent more time discussing what had been learnt today and also the possible outcomes of getting stuck in an avalanche! A very sad short film quickly scared and warned us about that and soon we were on our way back home ready to stream Australia’s top 100 and head out to LongHornes to celebrate the beginning of Aussie Day! Up at 7 now ready to start avalanche training again..